Video Portfolio

Nuel Oyebade

Video Editor, Post Production Expert

Amazing Grace: Spoken Word

Client - GOFAMINT Television

Working on this project was quite a challenge as I was able to work with a team of three to deliver this video in less than three days.

The goal was to deliver a video that translates the thoughts of the Spoken Word artist while ensuring that viewers can catch on. This project was done to sensitize members of GOFAMINT and the public about the 2022 GOFAMINT Annual Convention.

Hope for My Home Video

Client - Talking Hands/GOFAMINT Television

Talking Hands wanted to pass a message to the Nigerian populace in promotion of National Unity as the country celebrates its independence.

The video was aired on a major Christian television station in Nigeria and received critical acclaim for its uniqueness.

Aye Yi O Duro - Lyric Video

Client - D Kings' Daughter

D Kings’ Daughter (Olanike Daniel-Ogunbote) wanted a lyric video that will be captivating and engaging. Her initial thoughts were to do a music video but for the available budget.

I was able to create this lyric video that was widely accepted as viewers were able to connect with the song due to the appealing visuals that the lyric video provided.

Crystal Field Estate Promotional Video

Client - Mbraiz Innovations Limited

Mbraiz Innovations Limited contracted me to produce a promotional video for their newly unveiled property. The goal of the video was to showcase what the landed property looked like and based on the information and a couple of videos provided.

The project took about two weeks as we needed to visit the site, visited neighbouring facilities to capture drone footage and other necessary footage.

Mbraiz Innovations Limited reported some amazing feedback especially from their potential clients.

Lizzy Mamudu - Jesus' Love Music Video

Client - Lizzy Mamudu

I was able to create a music video for my client – Ms. Lizzy Mamudu who had an idea for how her music video should look like.

I and my team were able to work through with her team to record the video, taking some 12 hours at one location. At post, we were able to do some colour correction and add subtitles to the project.

The video launched on YouTube in May 2019, was featured on prominent Nigerian blogs and also debuted on some television stations across Nigeria.

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